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Wallpaper is amazing. I have no other word for it. It takes you away and transports you into a totally new world. You can live in the Sahara, the rainforest, or a cityscape, all by changing up the wallpaper pattern. My only regret is not having more walls to work with. 

Here are my favorite Pinterest picks that add a bit of glamour along with that wallpaper.
A glamourous back drop to a room filled with velvet. The neutral tones of the ceiling and walls help create a feeling of stillness and comfort: they also tie in the colors into a complete palette.
Another excellent wallpaper backdrop. Here, the faded quality of the paper blends in with the rustic effect of the wood giving the entire a room a romantic feel. I’d say the bedside table is the only part that breaks that energy, but the touch of the palm-tree lamp helps tie everything back. isn’t necessarily a wallpaper here, but it can be.)
An amazing use of gold specks to give a space a feeling of luxury. Did you notice the concrete unfinished style of flooring? The golden dispersement on the walls actually ties the concrete floor into the motif creating a space that feels intentional, even if it was designed to be more practical.
The large flowers of the wall create a beautiful energy. They take a small space and make it feel intentional rather than cozy. The use of patterns is also rather advanced: they don’t match at all, but they don’t contrast either. Partly, this works because of the neutral coloring of the floor, which lets the brighter pieces breath. The strength and vibrancy of the wall decor also pulls the eyes and makes the pillows on the sofa feel subtle in contrast. a more subtle look, this nursery users a monochromatic theme with little bits of color.
A watercolor wash on paper gives an immediate rustic romantic effect. It reminds me of the Fallout game series where every item in the home is rusted over in the post-apocalyptic world.
A green printed bathroom reminds me of a vintage Cuba I’ve never seen. 

One thing many of these prints have in common is that they are limited in their space. The headboards are only one one wall, the bathroom prints are only in the upper section. Limiting the space of bold or aggressive was prints will help keep the volume down. If you do a full, 4 wall section in a large print, it will look awesome, though it will also create a tighter and potentially more claustrophobic feel to the space, as you’ll be removing the whitespace for people to look at and replacing it will visuals. Ultimately, thats a decision thats up to you 🙂