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Life is a party and we should celebrate with DIY decor projects you can make.  I built a giant hexagon frame for a recent benefit to serve as a focal point and backdrop for the stage area.  Luckily my dear friends over at The Home Depot were kind enough to partner with me on this project in order to bring you the free plans.

giant hexagon backdrop

A DIY tutorial to build a giant hexagon frame. Make this large, open frame style hexagon as a backdrop or focal point for your next event.

This modern hexagon shape is a fairly simple build if you don’t mind miter cuts.  And knowing that I would be building this giant hexagon at home and transporting to the event space I made sure to design the piece with transport in mind.

open frame hexagon

The size was actually determined by default.  Each side of the hexagon is 48″ long or half of an 8′ board which makes the overall height about 86″.  You could definitely go bigger by making each side longer.

I worked with a group of amazing women for this event and collectively we decided on the hexagon theme and then I proposed various decor ideas that fit the venue.  In addition to the large, self-standing hexagon on the stage I also made:

  • hexagon trays for the floral table centerpieces
  • large honeycomb hexagon wall
  • table signage with hexagons as the base

In the coming days I will be sharing all of these decor projects with detailed instructions so you can tailor them to fit your situation.

hexagon party decor

I absolutely love the modern lines of the hexagon shape.  The connotations are many and so appropriate for a school related function.  The sharp, angular edges of the hexagon combined with the organic nature of the floral arrangements makes for an eye catching display.

large hexagon frame with human

large self standing hexagon

Things to keep in mind:

  • overall height – do you need the hexagon to take up more or less space?
  • finish – paint or stain?
  • lighting – will you attach lights?  or will the finish speak for itself?
  • floral – live or fake works great, maybe something more flowing and wrapped around the frame?
  • fabric – draping a sheer fabric would be beautiful

hexagon frame with support feet

For this giant hexagon I added two perpendicular feet to ensure the piece would not fall over.  The open frame also allows for air movement so it’s very sturdy and secure.  If you are concerned about windy conditions I would use 2×6 for feet to increase the weight at the base.

hexagon party decor

A few notes on the build process before you begin.  As I mentioned this giant hexagon is designed to be transported in two pieces with the feet loose.  Once you arrive at the event location you can attach the feet and then screw together the two sides.  It’s a very simple set up and makes transporting easy and painless.

giant hexagon in two pieces

When attaching the two side pieces I recommend using a clamp to hold the boards together especially if you work alone like myself.

assembling two halves of hexagon

You can find the complete step by step instructions including supplies and cut list over at The Home Depot blog here.  Please leave any questions in the comments below or email me and I am happy to help.  And if you do build the hexagon be sure to share and follow me on social media for more project inspiration:

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jaime inside hexagon

diy giant hexagon free plans

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