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Black and white rugs can create dramatic energy in a minimalist environment, or add boldness to a room filled with contrast. They generally style well with both, neutrals and bold colors, making them incredibly easy to work with. 

I love how non-committal these allow me to be in the room color. They match with almost everything and let me change my living room style quickly. I know I want a large rug to cover the floors, but I haven’t determined the final room color palette. 

Here’s the beautiful list of rugs I’ve come across:

Eyes of India Rug

Eyes of India Block Print Bohemian Rug

I really love this one, but it’s also very busy. This could work in a black and white room or a light pastel palette, but I’m concerned the dense pattern may compete with large swathes of deep fabric colors that I’m planning to use in the living room. This style might be best in a white bedroom where there are hard materials and solid lines to contrast with this rug.

Anthropologie Black & White Rug

A slightly simpler version can be found at Anthropologie here.

Another option with a lighter color on the pattern helps the rug fit in with more tones. 

Wayfair Allison Gray Area Rug

This Wayfair are rug will look fantastic with stark white walls and strong contrast photograph. It’s a good choice for offices and corporate environments and will likely hide stains well through its grey patterns. 

An alternative option with less complex shapes.

This one is structured and has lots of hard shapes. This makes it feel appropriate for an office more than a bedroom, but if you can offset the hardness with other eclectic furniture and diversify it’s use.

Another in the same vein.

An inverse option that adds both drama and a sophisticated vibe.

Stripes can be a big challenge for decorating if you add too many. They add a big push and tend to have stark contrast. This one is bold and eclectic, it pushes the eye forward toward a specific focal point.

If you’re up for the drama,this one is very loud. 
And this one, too.

More stripes!

And here’s what I call the “paint spill” option for rugs.

More smeared paint.

If you’re worried about overpowering the room, here’s an option for a simpler design with lighter contrast stripes. These are easier to integrate into your space and will match most of the rest of the decor. 

Sometimes with a small room, patterns can feel out place. This rug hits the mark by adding in diversity in its patterns but not being too busy for a small space.

As does this. 

Black and white rugs are such a powerful decorative tool but are also easy to place if you’re not sure what the rest of your room will consist of.