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We’re commited to bring the best tutorials, craft projects, and decor to make life extra special.¬†

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Our goal is to live in the ‘everyday‘. That means enjoying each moment that much more. Let’s discover the ways we can make each moment filled with joy.

Luxury is the Details

Simple ways to experience the best in your ‘everyday’.

The best home decor, to buy or to make, for the home you've dreamed

We take our favorite Pinterest shots and make them: then we write simple instructions so you can re-create it at home.

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Easy & Cheap, Deluxe Faux Fur Stool & Ottoman

I found these gorgeous benches on Amazon, though they were slightly pushing my bench budget so I searched for some tutorials and tried to do it myself. I ultimately decided to make stools, and they turned out great and were really quite simple. They add such a...

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What to pack and what to skip for a trip to Thailand

I'm taking some time this summer to visit the workshops and manufactures I'm looking to partner with to see what homemade beauties I can bring back for this shop. Thailand will be the main stop. I've been there several times before and yet always seem to forget...

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Black and White Rugs!

Black and white rugs can create dramatic energy in a minimalist environment, or add boldness to a room filled with contrast. They generally style well with both, neutrals and bold colors, making them incredibly easy to work with.  I love how non-committal these...

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